Department Calendar

Faculty Meetings Schedule – Click to download the Fall 2018 Semester Faculty Calendar.
    Dec 11: 3-4pm, Postmortem Meeting; 4-5pm, KCACTF Meeting 
    Dec 13: 3-5pm, Media Arts Faculty Meeting – Doc Capstone Pitches; 3-5pm, Theatre Area Meetings
    Jan 2: 12pm, Grades for Fall 2018 Semester are Due

Events Schedule – See EVENTS below for details.
     Dec 13: Last Day of Classes
     Dec 14: Exam Preparation Day; 4pm, STA Christmas Masquerade Party in B-201
     Dec 15-20: Final Exam Week

Theatre Forum Schedule (Nelke Theatre — 11am, Unless otherwise specified)
     Dec 13: TMA 301 – Final Class Project

Media Arts Forum (F-201 HFAC — 11am, Unless otherwise specified)
     For updates on Media Arts Activities, click here

Mask Club Schedule
    Dec 13: 2pm, Puppetry Final Presentation

Faculty Funding Deadlines
    Dec 15: The Mormon Arts Center is pleased to announce a Call for Submissions is Due
Various Deadlines: National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), Utah Arts Funding

For a list of college and university funding opportunities, go here:


STA Christmas Masquerade Party: 

Help us Shape the Future of Mormon Art:
The Mormon Arts Center is pleased to announce a Call for Submissions. This Call for Submissions is open to scholars, curators, artists, performers, and others who desire to engage with the goals of the Mormon Arts Center to display and perform Mormon art in New York City and elsewhere; to publish scholarship and criticism about Mormon art to reach a wider public; and to establish a comprehensive archive of Mormon Arts, 1830 to the present. The Center invites individuals to submit ideas for presentations, events, exhibitions, performances, Center programs, and scholarly works for publication to be completed over the next three years. These projects, including book launches, will debut primarily but not exclusively at the annual Mormon Arts Center Festivals in New York City beginning in 2019. Deadline for 2019 projects is December 15, 2018. Send all submission proposals to with the heading, “Call for Submissions” with the following information:

1. Prepare a written proposal of less than 250 words describing your vision of the potential project. Provide an estimate of resources (time and finances) necessary to achieve it. More extensive projects will require fuller proposals.
2. Include your biographical information, which may include similar previous work or qualifications.

For more details, see the Official Call for Submissions

Theatre Season 2018-2019
The 2018-19 BYU Theatre season has been announced! Fall semester theatre season productions will include: The World’s Strongest Librarian, The Mousetrap, and Radium Girls. Dates for all productions can be found online at

For non-BYU events in the area, see events in the area.


For non-departmental auditions, see auditions in the area.

For more auditions and workshops, inside and outside of Utah County, visit or


For more non-departmental auditions, see auditions in the area.

For more auditions and workshops, inside and outside of Utah County, visit, and

This website is provided as a service for BYU Theatre students. Organizations are not endorsed by Brigham Young University or by the Theatre and Media Arts Department.


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