Department News (10-31-16)

One of the most delightful things about The Importance of Being Earnest, which opened on Friday, are the charming English accents.  In fact, one patron was heard to say while exiting Saturday night’s production, “It sounded just like Downton Abbey!”  Combined with Oscar Wilde’s wonderful wit, Travis Coyne’s open set, and Bradlee Hagar and Michael Krazek’s stunning lighting designs, this is a production you won’t want to miss. Of special note are the student designers, Sarah Stewart (costumes), Sarah Bult (hair and makeup) and Christopher Bowles (sound). One of TMA’s newest faculty members, Adam Houghton, served as the Dialects and Acting Coach Assistant Director, and is responsible for those charming English accents!  Kudos to all “Earnest’s” cast and crew for a witty and engaging production.



Last week theatre and media arts combined forces for the weekly forum to talk about networking. Michael Krackzek and Jeff Parkin co-hosted the event, which was well attended by close to 70 students. Michael provided a handout on networking basics and encouraged students to get out and interview professionals in their field for information that can help them make good career choices and make connections in the profession. Then,  thanks to Kyle Stapley, we were able to connect live through Skype with media arts alum, Bryce RandleBryce graduated from the media arts program in 2009 and by networking, he has been able to work consistently in his field both here in Utah and in LA.  He encouraged students to build their relationships while they are here; reach out to class mates in spite of any feelings of competition.  His cohort of editors worked together to further connections with professionals in the industry while they were at school here, and then they’ve watched out for each other, recommended each other and let each other know when jobs are available that would fit with their expertise.  He’s still in touch with them, usually at least once a week or more.  He also had some great advice for doing lunch with people who might be in a position to provide a job. You don’t need to ask for a job, just ask for advice!  It’s easy to do and everyone likes to feel they have something valuable to offer.



Former Media Arts students Jared and Jerusha Hess were with us for an afternoon last week, talking to and answering questions from a roomful of writers. Budding screenwriters from four writing classes gathered to listen to Jared and Jerusha, who have written or co-written Napoleon Dynamite, Nacho Libre, and Gentlemen Broncos, and who are currently working on new projects for Disney and Nickelodeon.



TMA has several faculty who will be involved with the Orem Hale Center Theatre in the next few months. David Morgan will be playing Scrooge in their annual production of A Christmas Carol, opening Nov. 26.  Barta Heiner will be directing Cash on Delivery, which opens New Year’s Eve.  And Rodger Sorensen will be directing Peter and the Starcatcher, which opens on Feb. 16, 2017.  Congrats to our talented faculty who are often in demand beyond the university.  For more information or to get tickets, go to the Hale Center Theatre home page,

CfP: 10th Global Studies Conference, National University of Singapore, Singapore 8-9 June 2017

Call for Papers

We are pleased to announce the Call for Papers for the Tenth Global Studies Conference, held 8–9 June 2017 at the National University of Singapore in Singapore.

Founded in 2008, the conference is held annually in different locations around the world, each selected for its particular place in the dynamics of globalization. Intellectually, the conference takes three steps: the first is a “this-worldly” step, mapping the details and extrapolating to big picture analyses in order to interpret what is at times challenging, dangerous, and excitingly positive about the “New Globalization.” The second step is to set this New Globalization in the context of earlier globalizations—what are the continuities, and what is genuinely new? The third step is to re-examine and redefine the very concept of globalization—in theoretical, anthropological, and philosophical terms. The conference works between the most fastidiously empirical and profoundly generalizing modes of engagement with one of the central phenomena of our contemporary existence.

We invite proposals for paper presentations, workshops/interactive sessions, posters/exhibits, colloquia, virtual posters, or virtual lightning talks. The conference features research addressing the annual themes and the 2017 Special Focus: “Global Mobilities.”

For more information regarding the conference, use the links below to explore our conference website.

Call for Papers Themes
Plenary Speakers  Presentation Types
Conference Hotel Scope & Concerns
Submit a Proposal


Submit your proposal by 8 November 2016.

We welcome the submission of proposals to the conference at any time of the year before the final submission deadline. All proposals will be reviewed within two to four weeks of submission.

If you are unable to attend the conference in person, you may present in a Virtual Poster session or a Virtual Lightning Talk. Virtual Sessions enable participants to present work to a body of peers and to engage with colleagues from afar.

As virtual participants, presenters are scheduled in the formal program, have access to select conference content, can submit an article for peer review and possible publication, may upload an online presentation, and can enjoy Annual Membership to the community and subscriber access to The Global Studies Journal.

CfP: 12th International Conference on the Arts in Society, Pantheon-Sorbonne University, Paris, France 14-16 June 2017

Call for Papers

We are pleased to announce the Call for Papers for the Twelfth International Conference on the Arts in Society, held 14–16 June 2017 at Pantheon-Sorbonne University in Paris, France.

Founded in 2000, the conference offers an interdisciplinary forum for discussion of the role of the arts in society. It is a place for critical engagement, examination and experimentation, developing ideas that connect the arts to their contexts in the world—on stage, in studios and theaters, in classrooms, in museums and galleries, on the streets, and in communities.

We invite proposals for paper presentations, workshops/interactive sessions, posters/exhibits, colloquia, virtual posters, or virtual lightning talks. The conference features research addressing the annual themes and the 2017 Special Focus: “Gestures That Matter”.

For more information regarding the conference, use the links below to explore our conference website.

Call for Papers Themes
Presentation Types Scope & Concerns
Submit a Proposal

Submit your proposal by 14 June 2016.

We welcome the submission of proposals at any time of the year. All proposals will be reviewed within two to four weeks of submission.

2016 Hong Kong International Conference on Education, Psychology and Society

2016 Hong Kong International Conference on Education, Psychology and Society- Call for Papers

Conference Date : December 14-16, 2016
Location : Hong Kong
Organizer: Higher Education Forum (

Related but not limited to:


Adult and Continuing Education/ Civic Education and Leadership/ Educational Psychology and Counseling/Health Promotion and Health Education /Human Development and Family Studies /Information and Computer Education /Special Education/Library and Information Studies/Educational Policy and Administration /Rehabilitation Counseling Environmental Education /Science Education /E-learning /Higher Education /Teaching and Learning Educational Management /Graduate School of curriculum and Instruction /Early Childhood and family Education /Psychology and Counseling /Social and Regional Development /Language and Creative Writing /Arts and Design /Music /Culture and Education Law /Educational Communications and Technology


General Psychology/Fundamentals of Mathematics/Statistics for Psychology and Education/Physiological Psychology/Laboratory in Methods of Psychological Experiment/Methods of Psychological Experiment/Psychological Testing/Laboratory of Human Physiology/Developmental Psychology/Personality Psychology/Human Physiology/Social Psychology/Human Learning and Cognition/Psychology of Perception/Experimental Design/Theories of Personality/Advanced Industrial and Commercial Psychology/Advanced Cognitive Psychology/Advanced Social Psychology/Construction In Affective Sciences/Clinical Child Psychology/Organizational Psychology/Seminar on Human Thinking/Mathematical Methods in Psychology/Applied Linear Regression/Epistemology and Methodology/Language Development/Social Motional Development/Psychology of Habit and its Application Introduction to Electroencephalogram and Event-Related Potential


Sociology of Religion/Social Complexity/Social Computing/Social Network Analysis/Social Work/Social Systems Dynamics/Labor Market/Sociology/Sustainable Human and Social Development/Technology, Society, Environmental Studies/Research Methods in Sociology/General Sociology/Global Society/Cultural Sociology/Ethnic Relations/Economic Sociology/Sociology of Consumption/Civil Society/Comparative Sociology/Classical Sociological Theory/Political Sociology/Cultural Theory and Policy/Sociology of Emotions/Religion and Globalization/Science, Technology and Society/Sociology of Everyday Life/Social Stratification and Social Mobility/Sociology of Spirituality/Applied Social Psychology/Contemporary Sociological Theory/Quantitative Research Methods/Sociology of Art/Feminism/Social Anthropology/Collective Behavior and Social Movements/Community Renaissance/Sociology of Knowledge/Sociology of Finance/Sociology of Education/Sociology of Development/Social and Organizational Networks/Social-Psychological, Social, Organizational, and Technological Systems

Important Dates

Submission Deadline—————————–September 1st, 2016

Notification of Acceptance———————-September 20th, 2016

Registration & Final Full Paper Deadline—–October 10th, 2016

Conference Date———————————–December 14-16, 2016

Click HERE to see Submission Format

Click HERE to see Journal Publication

Click HERE to Submit

Developmental Networks – Call for Proposals

Conference speakers are not compensated. If accepted, presenters will get a $100 discount on their registration fees for the conference. Registration provides participants with access to more than 300 presentations from more than 250 institutions of higher education and to all the papers included in the conference proceedings.

Mentoring Institute Conference 2014


We invite faculty, staff and students of higher education, researchers, K-12 educators, community leaders, administrators, non-profit partners, government agencies, and other professionals to participate in the 2016 Mentoring Conference. Together, we will develop dynamic conversations and networking opportunities through hands-on workshops and the engagement of scholars and professionals in the fields of mentoring, coaching, and leadership.

CONFERENCE DATES: Monday – Friday, October 24-28 in Albuquerque, NM.


The 2016 keynote speaker is Wendy Murphy, Associate Professor of Management at Babson College. She will present her keynote session titled: Developmental Networks: Learning from Mentors, Coaches, and Peers.  Read More…


This year’s conference theme is Developmental Networks: The Power of Mentoring and Coaching. We seek to facilitate discourse on the effectiveness of developmental networks, and the impact of mentoring and coaching relationships in educational and workplace settings.


We are particularly keen to receive proposals that are informative and relevant to the field of developmental relationships, supported by theory and research. The term developmental relationship includes, but is not limited to mentoring, coaching, networking, and sponsorship relationships.

We are interested in presentations based in the following topics:  Mentoring, Coaching, and Leadership, within the following strands: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics), Arts, Humanities, Business, Health Sciences, Education, and others. We seek proposals that accomplish any of the following:

  • Builds on the knowledge-base of existing literature pertaining to developmental relationships.
  • Demonstrates the effectiveness of existing mentoring programs.
  • Proposes a methodology or evaluation model for mentoring relationships.
  • Suggests new ideas and best practices for successful developmental relationships.
  • Proposals that include participants of different nationalities, different levels of experience, and from different institutional and organization types.

Call for Reviewers

The Mentoring Institute is seeking reviewers to assist at the 2016 Mentoring Conference. If you are apast presenter or your abstract is accepted to this year’s conference, you may serve as a peer-reviewer. This is a great opportunity to read and critically analyze scholarly work in the field of mentoring, coaching, and leadership. The annual conference brings in scholars from all over the nation as well as international researchers.

Reviewers’ commitment includes:

1. Review 5 – 10 papers during the review cycle from July 1-30, 2016
2. Complete a thorough review within allotted time, following review guidelines
3. Provide constructive feedback to enhance the work to be published in the conference proceedings

If you are interested in becoming a peer-reviewer, please check this option in your abstract submission form or send an email to The Mentoring Institute regarding your interest in volunteering as a reviewer.

We greatly appreciate your assistance and encourage you to take advantage of this valuable opportunity!

Call for Moderators

The Mentoring Institute is also seeking volunteers to assist as room moderators. This is a great opportunity for networking, professional development, and serve at a great community of practice.

Moderators’ commitment includes:

1. Work at least 3 hours as session moderator.
2. Introduce the presenter(s) of the session
3. Facilitate presentation setup
4. Start/end sessions on time
5. Handout and collect session’s evaluations

If you are interested in serving as a volunteer, please check this option in your abstract submission formand send an email to The Mentoring Institute regarding your interest in volunteering as a session moderator and  times you will be able to help out!

We greatly appreciate your assistance and encourage you to take advantage of this valuable opportunity!

Call for Papers: Humanities Conference, 8-11 June 2016, Chicago, USA

The Humanities community is pleased to announce the Call for Papers for the Fourteenth International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities. The Humanities Conference will be held 8-11 June 2016 at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Student Center East. We welcome submissions from a variety of disciplines and perspectives and encourage faculty and students to jointly submit proposals, discussing the humanities through one of the following themes:

Conference Themes:
• Critical Cultural Studies
• Communication and Linguistic Studies
• Literary HumanitiesCivic, Political, and Community Studies
• Humanities Education
“Nature at the Crossroads: New Directions for the Humanities in the Age of the Anthropocene”

2016 Special Focus: ‘Nature at the Crossroads: New Directions for the Humanities in the Age of the Anthropocene’

The purpose of the various fields of the humanities is to reflect on the human condition. One of the fundamental questions of our times, and one that is increasingly central to the question of our human condition, is the condition of nature. In this regard, there is a growing concern that our very species’ existence is now under threat as a consequence of human activity. The age of ‘the Anthropocene’ is characterized by the blowback of a ‘great acceleration’ in human impacts upon nature: modern industry, population growth, and increasing per capita consumption. These have resulted in human-induced changes to global temperatures, sea levels, CO2 in the atmosphere, to name just a few consequential eco-systemic changes.

The special focus for the Fourteenth International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities – Nature at the Crossroads: New Directions for the Humanities in the Age of the Anthropocene – is to explore the conceptual and historical framing of the Anthropocene. How does this reconceptualization of natural history demand new approaches to the work of the humanities? How in this frame of reference is self positioned in relation to community and nature? What is the ontological basis of knowledge, autonomy, and freedom as interpretative perspectives on human action in the natural world? How do we read the symbolic and its distinction from or imbrication with, the material? What is the unique character of human history and its contra-distinction with natural history, of geological time compared to human time? How should the humanities and the natural sciences relate to each other as we address the challenges of the Anthropocene?

Proposal Submissions and Deadlines

The current review period closing date for the latest round of submissions to the Call for Papers (a title and short abstract) is 7 May 2015*. Please visit our website for more information on submitting your proposal, future deadlines, and registering for the conference.

If you are unable to attend the conference, you may still join the community and submit your article for peer review and possible publication, upload an online presentation, and enjoy subscriber access to The Humanities Collection.

Athens, Greece Visual and Performing Arts Conference

The Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER), a world association of academics and researchers, organizes its 6th Annual International Conference on Visual and Performing Arts, 1-4 June 2015, Athens, Greece. Please submit a 300-word abstract before 20 April 2015, by email (, addressed to Dr. Stephen Andrew Arbury, Head,Visual and Performing Arts Research Unit, ATINER and Professor, Radford University, USA.

Please include with this order: Title of Paper, First Name, Family name of all co-authors, Current Position of all co-authors, Institutional Affiliation (University/Organization) of all co-authors, Country of all co-authors, an email address of all co-authors and at least 3 keywords that best describe the subject of your submission. Decisions will be reached within four weeks of your submission.

Should you wish to participate in the Conference as a chair of a session, evaluate papers which are to be included in the conference proceedings or books, contribute to the editing of a book, or any other contribution, please send an email to Dr. Gregory T. Papanikos, President, ATINER & Honorary Professor, University of Stirling, UK (

BYU Traditions Ball

The annual Traditions Ball is quickly approaching. This year, we are making history by joining together with the Harris Fine Arts Center 50th Anniversary Gala and Festival of the Arts on Friday, April 3, 2015. Tickets to the Traditions Ball and the HFAC 50th celebration are only $15 per person* and include general admission into a variety of exciting events. There is sure to be something to appeal to every BYU arts lover’s taste with:

  • Dancing and floor shows at the Traditions Ball (a “blue-tie” affair)
  • Performances and live music by BYU’s premier student ensembles
  • Film screenings and exhibitions in multiple venues
  • Light refreshments

For a complete listing of event details and to purchase your general admission for this once-in-a-lifetime event, call 801-422-2981 or click here.

*$5 discount for College of Fine Arts and Communications alumni and students

Aperture: BYU’s Journal for Media Arts

The Student Film Association is proud to announce the call for papers for its inaugural issue of the online student academic journal, Aperture. The journal publishes student scholarship in media-related fields from the Internet to cinema to video games and beyond. There will be a $500 and $300 prize for first and second place in each of the following categories:

  • Academic essays between 2000 and 6000 words (called ‘Features’);
  • Screenplays up to 50 pages;
  • New media pieces (as defined in the call for papers) with written supplements.

For more information on each category and the submission process, visit the call for papers at The submission deadline is 3 January 2014. For updates, like the Aperture Facebook page. If you are interested in acting as a reviewer for the journal next semester, please contact Scott Raia at